Waterpark Hysteria

Who doesn't love water slides? The thrill of flying down a wet, slippery tube only to be dumped into a giant pool of chlorinated water. It doesn't get better than that. Last weekend, my friends and I just happened to find ourselves at a hotel with a waterpark. Bonus! So what did I do? I left my pump by my towel, suspended the sensor and pretended I was 8 years old for the afternoon and ran around in circles jumping up and down and giggling. I flew down the electric eel.  I then hurled myself into the twisted tornado, a large body bowl-like slide, followed by a dip in the discovery plunge.  Multiple times, I dropped myself down the vertical mighty mustang and raging panther only to find my suit lodged in odd places.

So it's no surprise that when I popped out of the howling hurricane my sensor was no longer attached to my body. The teenage lifeguard did not seem to care nor understand what I had lost. I suppose this was his summer job and he was more concerned with scanning the park for the "older" sexy girls to check out.  I had a hard time trying to explain this white, quarter shaped thing that was responsible for keeping me sane. And now it was lying on the bottom of the pool somewhere which happened to also be white! Apparently he didn't grasp the severity of the situation as I saw it, because he did not stop the kids from coming down the slide, nor help me look. Each time I bobbed up to the surface after meticulously scanning the depths of he pool,  a 6 year old in a pink and white bikini would be flying into my face. Luckily my husband came to the rescue, scored some goggles and managed to pick it up off of the bottom of the pool. My hero.

A word to all of you: remove sensor when going to the water park.

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  1. Oh my God! I bet you were scared to death for a few minutes there. Glad you found it!