D-Feast Friday with a Little Gravy on the Side

I've decided to join D-Feast celebrations on Fridays. The reasons for doing so are tri-fold. The first being that I love food!! Talking about it, reading about it, thinking about it, cooking it, eating it....  The original thought behind D-Feast Friday is to share diabetic-friendly recipes, but I'm going to add a little variation. I will feature recipes, but also dicussion, a link to an article I find interesting, some new food thingy (very open ended here), maybe a photo or whatever I fancy. The second is that food is so central to living with Type 1 that it becomes the center of my universe some days. I like to try and keep it fun and yummy and not obsess. And lastly, I'm jumping on to the D-Feast Friday to keep me on task and keep my blog updated regularly.

I have two rules 1) as long as it is related to food, it counts and 2) EVERY Friday-this is the hard one. Stay tuned...

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