Bolus Deserving Desserts

When choosing dessert, there are some sweet things that I consider to be bolus deserving and some that are not. Ice cream, especially when of the chocolate peanut butter type, is always deserving of an extra bolus. Flan is not. Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting definitely get a yes vote from me, white cake with crunchy frosting, no  An oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips, yes. An oatmeal cookie with raisins, no. Cheesecake takes some serious consideration. Crust is important. Graham cracker is favorable. Flavor is also important. Mint can be passed up. Strawberry, maybe. Chocolate, bolus deserving.

There are also some desserts that I am reconsidering. Pie is an example. I have politely refused pie for many years now, so much so, that I had convinced myself that I didn't like pie. It was not a difficult refusal. Would you like some peach pie? No thanks. However, after riding my bicycle across the state of Iowa and being lured by roadside signs such as Grandma's Homemade Pies- 5 miles, I think I might love pie. Grandma Sue's homemade dutch apple. Mama's homemade peach. What was once not worthy of a bolus, has now become the dessert that makes my mouth water. Pies made by grandma-Bolus Deserving.

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  1. TIRAMISU is my #1 bolus worthy dessert!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Sept 1st @ Dollop Cafe!