There is something undeniably great about meeting another Type 1. There is an unsaid connection, a sense of understanding, relief and a camaraderie in the fight against this disease. I want to meet more of you Type 1's! I can count every Type 1 diabetic that I have met in the past 14 years of living with this disease, which is to say that there are very few.  I remember every detail of our encounters.

There was a girl in high school who I played basketball with, but we were teenagers and had adolescent insecurities to deal with, not diabetes. Then there was a girl in my dorm in college, whom I never really connected with and have since lost contact.  Last year, I met a guy in a cooking class my husband got for me, who I identified with in so many ways it was creepy. We had similar life paths, but he was leaving for Honduras in a week, so the friendship that could have ensued, ended before it began. Most recently there was the nurse in the ER who stitched my finger that I sliced while chopping squash. She had had two children successfully and my husband and talked to her for an unknown amount of time at the midnight hour while she neglected her other duties.  She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we live in Chicago, IL. That sums it up. Four type 1's in 14 years. Which brings me to the point of this post. After the ER visit my husband initiated a support/social group for Type 1's in the Chicago area and it has gained a few members. We met up tonight and my spirits are high. It's comforting to know that there are others out there that are living life just like me.

If your in Chicago, come hang out with us on the first Wednesday of the month! We are Young & Type 1. We meet at the Dollop Cafe in Uptown. It is GOOD.


  1. I am jealous!

    1. because I have never met a Type 1 face to face (that I know of).
    2. because I have been thinking about the whole support group thing (what a great idea) and it would be lovely to feel not so alone.
    3. because you live in Chicago. I miss it!

  2. Come to Chicago and hang with us! We chat about the usual, bolusing, bad endos, pumps getting caught on things... OR you could start a group where you live! It's really not that hard:)

  3. Great idea, and what an awesome guy you've got to put that support group together! D-Meetups are the best. Big or small, they rock and are great times. Believe me when I say it's incredibly amazing and life-changing to be in a conference room of a few dozen of them! Sounds like you've got a great starting group in Chicago. Look forward to reading more about the meetups when they happen!