We have decided to get pregnant, I've been logging my food and exercise religiously, I have given up beer, reviewed food logs with the dietitian numerous times, attended a CGMS class and had two hemoglobin A1C's of 7.0 in a row. ugh. I confided in my endocrinologist that I need more support. I need to be held accountable. Can I email her my logs weekly? Can she log into Carelink? She can, of course, for a fee that insurance doesn't cover. And I have my husband for support, don't I? (Who is qualified to review my sugars how? I mean, he is qualified in many things, but not type 1 diabetes management.) My endo does not have a CDE, nor a RN or APN, and basically no referrals for help. 

We decided it was time to go to the Maternal/Fetal High Risk OB clinic. We scheduled a consult appointment on Friday morning which are the "diabetic days" and showed up with a list of questions. They are incredible! In our 1.5 hour consult, we met with a Maternal Fetal RN, who gave me no less than 5 ways to contact her 24 hours a day. We met with a Maternal Fetal MD, who answered all of our questions thoroughly and didn't seem like he was trying to get out of the room. We also met an endocrinologist who does nothing but Type 1 pregnancies and an APN who wants to log into my Carelink data and wants me to send her my sugars, food and exercise logs via email to review every 3-4 days with NO FEE. And she doesn't expect me back until I am pregnant. Which means that she is willing to work with me for a month or two or three or six with no obligatory face-to-face appointments.
I was told that if I do everything right and my pregnancy doesn't go perfectly as planned, it is NOT my fault. I was also told that there is no reason that I can't have a vaginal birth if everything is going well. Or in other words, they are not mandating that I have a cesarian at week 38 because I am a Type 1. (Huge sigh of relief) I have been given renewed hope just at the moment that I was beginning to think it was impossible. 

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