Meal Supplements


I set up an appointment with a Certified Diabetic Educator/Dietitian who I have never met before. While in her office, we take a look at my diet and she makes some suggestions. Eat more protein. Less Carbs. Lots of veggies. The usual. And then she suggests the dreaded meal replacements. I hate frozen meals and breakfast shakes. It takes all the fun out of cooking and eating, both of which I enjoy immensely. I immediately defer. But she continues on, explaining that yes, there are some organic options, and the advantage is that you don’t have to count carbs, because they are already listed for you. Just add a fruit or veggie and you have a meal. You don’t have to eat these all of the time, just one meal every other day or so. It helps with portion control too. If you could loose 5lbs, not that you need to, but if you could, your insulin requirement would go down and we would be treating your diabetes with lifestyle, not meds (insulin). Bang! She got it. She reeled me in. Anytime that you tell me that there is an alternative to taking meds, I go for it. And she reiterated this fact that I have heard a million times, but this time I really heard it. So I went to the grocery store and bought frozen meals. Kashi and Amy’s organic. My plan is that I will take them for lunch, sometimes. And focus on the more protein, less carbs, more vegtables thing. This is my start to lowering my A1C.

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