Less Than Six Percent Part II


It turns out that Dr. B was correct or at least fairly accurate. Unknown to me, apparently it IS possible to lower your A1C to 6.0%.

As most of you may or may not know, there are an inadequate amount of resources out there for adults with Type 1 diabetes and even less for those that want to get pregnant. There are a TON of information and resources for children with Type 1 and their parents, those with gestational diabetes and Type 2 diabetics, who seem to be getting all the press lately. (Good and bad. We'll talk about press coverage later.) The JDRF has recently recognized the lack of information for adults with Type 1 and created the Adult Toolkit for Type 1 Diabetes which dispels a lot of myths that I have heard over the years. It's a great start, but it's just a PDF, and only includes one paragraph about pregnancy for those with pre-existing Type 1 diabetes. I don't know about you, but I can't find much support from a PDF for my most recent low. Furthermore, there is an outdated, terse what to expect book that is written by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) that is of no help to someone who actually has diabetes. And a few other texts that look at it from the medical perspective. That's sums it up. Not much, heh?

So where did I find out that is IS possible to have an A1C of 6.0%? The evidence exists in the many blogs that Type 1 diabetic women have written and I’ve just recently discovered. This is where the real info is people! Blogs! Real woman. Real success stories. How to do it, how to succeed and how to stay sane. Two of my favorites are Six Until Me and Managing the Sweetness Within. The woman responsible for the latter has also just published a book. This is where the ominous clouds break open to let the sun shine while a chorus of angels sing : Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Happy Baby This book is amazing. A must read for any Type 1 diabetic woman that seeks to become pregnant. Written by a Type 1 mom, she chronicles real women’s stories, including the effort, the fear, the success, the worry, the SUCCESS, and the many other questions that come along with being a Type 1 while preparing for and becoming pregnant. It is also supplemented by scientific facts and advice by experts in the field of endocrinology. It is a must read for any Type 1 who is thinking of getting pregnant. It has made me realize that it IS actually possible to lower my AIC and I needed that proof. I have found the most support and information in this book and blogs. Which of course, has inspired me to blog.

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  1. Abbey: Just came across your blog via TuDiabetes... I was just about to offe ra comment encouraging you to check out Kerri's blog over at SixUntilMe, when I noticed in Part II that you had already! Anyhow, she's the best on any D topic but really on the pregnancy front most recently. There are a number of others. While I'm a man, going through the whole "let's start a family" issue, I have some of those same concerns. I had my A1c down to 6.1 when I'd first started pumping years ago, but it's gone up and been hovering around 7 in recent years. I'll keep it up to get it lower, and also look forward to reading your blog more! I'm in Indianapolis, by the way.