The Greatest Idea Ever


My husband has been trying to learn how to count carbs and calculate the bolus that I need to give myself for a meal. It's hard. Do you remember learning for the first time? I carried a very colorful paper book around with me at the school cafeteria that explained the exchange system. I would open it next to my cafeteria tray and try to match up the type and amount of food I had on my plate. It was less than ideal. Now, of course, it is much easier. The amount of carbohydrates for a 1/2c of hummus, for example, is ingrained in my brain along with a cup of low fat milk or 8oz of organic yogurt. My husband is trying to learn it and I love him for that.

The Setting: Bar on Buena (a bar/restaurant)

Husband: You are eating a salad, no so carbs right?

Wife: Sort of. There is roughly 2 oz of almond crusted tuna on top.

Husband: Right. So how many carbs would that be?

Wife: I don’t know. There are also cranberries, but I’m not sure how many.
Husband: (logical) okay, lets count the cranberries.

Wife: really? There are black olives, cherry tomatoes and croutons; do you want to count them too?

Husband: Don’t they have an insulin pump with a camera? One that you would hold up to your plate of food,
snap a picture, and whola! It calculates the carbs, transmits to pump, boluses, done.

Wife: That would be the best invention ever; do you think Brandon (our tech savy brother-in-law) could make us one?

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