New Tricks

Foods that I find "scary" are things such as pizza, scones, pasta, homemade apple pie and french fries among others.  I have avoided these foods that I am scared of because it will do crazy things to me for the next 24 hours, like, say, a blood sugar reading of 402 after one slice of pizza.  But now that I am armed with all of my new tricks I feel somewhat giddy. I had success with pizza recently with the help of trick #1: the dual-wave bolus. This morning I ate a scone for breakfast with favorable results using trick #2: a 20 minute early bolus. My favorite trick, #3: red wine. I've enjoyed a glass of pinot noir with rigatoni as a blood sugar lowering tool. With my new tricks and sensor data to back me up, I feel as if I can expand my repertorie of what I eat and drink without the guilt. That feels good.

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  1. Like the red wine trick...too bad I cannot use it as an excuse to drink since I don't have "d"...and too bad Joe is under age - LOL.