Wine or Yoga, What Would you Choose?

This is the dilemma that I am often faced with: exercise or something else. In this case, it happens to be a glass of red wine. The day has been long and less than desirable and more than anything I want my thoughts to disappear for awhile, to decompress. I can achieve this by attending an hour long session of yoga. I like the instructor and if I attended the class I know that I would be satisfied when I completed it. I would walk home with my shoulders back and chest lifted a little.  I would lift my chin, slow my breaths and feel superior to everyone crossing the street. I would applaud myself for attending the class and be rewarded with a noteworthy blood sugar.  However it requires pants, leaving my home where I have just arrived and walking 5 blocks to the athletic center.

OR, I could have a glass of red wine. I could easily walk from my living room to kitchen, without pants, and pour myself a glass of pinot. I could let my mind disappear in the rivulets running down the glass.  My body and mind would relax and I would be content.  I could eat a pasta dinner and still be rewarded with an ideal blood sugar. Tonight I have chosen the glass of pinot. So why does it feel so wrong?


  1. With the work days I've been having lately I've been more likely to choose the wine than the work-out, but I'm not sure it's the right choice...though it's certainly okay sometimes.

  2. I chose a chocolate chip zucchini cookie right after work last night. There's always tomorrow for Yoga...right?! ;)

    My husband and I are leaving for a long weekend in NY tomorrow night. We'll be home on Monday night...just wanted to check to make sure T1&Young is meeting next Wednesday?
    Dollop Cafe? 6:00pm?

  3. mmmmm, cookies.

    Yes Jen! Young and T1 is still on! Can't wait to meet you.

  4. Thanks Abbey!
    Can't wait to meet you as well.
    See ya next Wednesday :)