The Outset


This is the initiation of a blog about my life, my life with type 1 diabetes, my pursuit to become pregnant, and some other things that I might talk about. I am a pumper, a photographer, a wife, a cgms user, and an athlete. I haven’t met many adult type 1 diabetics in the 14 years that I have had the disease and I would like to change that.

I think a blog might be a good way to start. It’s private, whereas I can say things without having to gauge anyone’s initial reaction or facial expression, yet public, as in, the WHOLE world can read what I have to say. I’m not what you would call a center-of-attention kind of person, so I would not be likely to tell you some of what I plan to write here if you were sitting in my living room. Which is why I think a blog is the perfect way to be public and private at the same time.

My hope is to connect, share information, inspire, inform and be informed about living with Type 1 diabetes.


  1. Welcome to the Diabetes Online Community, Abbey! Looking forward to seeing you around the ever-growing blogosphere that so many of us People With Diabetes are joining.

  2. I am a 30 year-old, T1. I was diagnosed in 1996 on Christmas Eve. I just ran across your blog this morning...and I am enjoying reading it! I can relate to you on so many levels. Also, I am pregnant with our first child, expecting her at the end of this month. My A1C is checked every 4 weeks since I was 4 weeks along. They range from 5.3-6.3 with only one being over 6. So, it is possible! I have a Paradigm 723 w/CGMS. I wish you the best of luck! It is hard work...but worth a healthy baby! :)